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Cóctel Wish & Craving By Roger Guevara

Cóctel Wish & Craving
By Roger Guevara
Cocktails creativeIngredients:
50 ml Dewar’s 12 Year Old – The Ancestor.
20 ml Wenneker Butterscotch liqueur.
15 ml Wenneker Mango exotic liqueur.
20 ml Ice cider.
20 ml Tamarind juice.
20 ml Egg white (Quail).
3 Dash chocolate Bitters.
Smoke from American barrel shavingsPreparation:

In the glass of a shaker put 3 to 5 ice in rock, add all the
ingredients, including the smoke from the barrel shavings.
Then stir vigorously until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Serve in
a glass of whiskey or similar previously cooled.

Decoration: stick with edible flower and slice of dehydrated pitahaya.

This cocktail could be perfectly the drink to enjoy with your partner,
after the wars of the clans in the lowlands of Scotland.

This drink is full of passion, desire and longing to discover the
mysterious, the exotic and the purely sinful.

Cocktail proposed by Roger Javier Guevara.


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